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> >2.  Now you might see you are dropping all over the place, what I did last 
> >night, which was mentioned here at one point I think (and isn't in the docs i 
> >think) is to change the vertical refresh to something lower, I went from 85hz 
> >to 60hz.  This made playback go from choppy (but in sync) o smooth and in 
> >sync.  The only way I know to change this is to edit you XFree86 config file.

> Slightly offtopic, but: 
> Is that true? What is affected by screen refresh rate? Only speed of graphics 
> output, right? Because the workload on the graphics card may be lower? (Talking 
> on non-onboard graphics, of course).
GATOS driver supports vsync for Xv, and AFAIK it's enabled by default.
This way mplayer "speed" depends on refresh rate. Decoding will be blocked
until vsync is reached. So you should disable vsync, or set up refresh
rate near (or a bit bigger) to n*fps where n is integer.

> Is there a way of setting screen refresh explicitely in XF86Config for different 
> modes that? Or do I have to calculate modelines for that? 
> (btw. a good tool is found at 
> http://www-sop.inria.fr/cgi-bin/koala/nph-colas-modelines )
I think yes.

> Can I have different modelines for the same resolution? E.g. one with 90 Hz, one 
> with 60? How do I activate these and switch between these? Normally I use xv 
> output (ATI XPert at Work) and that doesn't change X-mode, but hardware-scales the 
> picture. 
> Some of this (with answers ;-) might be included in the DOCS,
Do you write this docs? I like to include, but have no time to write it.

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