[Mplayer-users] Compiling with Red Hat 7.1

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Fri Jun 8 11:02:52 CEST 2001


> > And little off-topic, does someone know where to
> > grab RH 7.1 gcc 2.95.3
> > rpms/source rpms? Or do you guys all use
> > debian/slack? ;-)
> There are no rpms.  You need to uninstall gcc 2.96 and
> install the egcs that came with RH 6.2.  Then compile
> the gcc 2.95.3 sources that are available from
> gcc.gnu.org.

I think we should add some workaround for gcc 2.96, something
like I did for buggy binutils ('filds' asm instruction).
Maybe disabling all asm code, and printing some warning about
no optimized code being used and downgrading gcc recommended.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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