[Mplayer-users] RE: mplayer + binutils-2.10.1

Marek Mentel mmark at koala.ichpw.zabrze.pl
Tue Jun 5 19:48:25 CEST 2001

On Tue, 5 Jun 2001 00:40:28 +0200, havner wrote:

>> saved myself some time.  Anyhow, the DGA screen-corruption problem I have
>> still exists.  Anyone have any ideas?
>AFAIK dga won't work on <=16MB cards

 so I wonder  what mode   is used by 2MB Tseng ET6000  ....
 Xfree 3.3.6  , mplayer   -vo dga 

X11 running at 1024x768 depth: 16
vo_dga: Mode: depth=15, bpp=16, r=007c00, g=0003e0, b=00001f,
conversion (slow),
vo_dga: Mode: depth=16, bpp=16, r=00f800, g=0007e0, b=00001f, native
vo_dga: Mode: depth=24, bpp=24, r=ff0000, g=00ff00, b=0000ff, not
supported :-(
vo_dga: Mode: depth=24, bpp=32, r=ff0000, g=00ff00, b=0000ff, not
supported :-(
Loading DLL: /usr/lib/win32/divx_c32.ax  OK
Using DirectShow codec: divx_c32.ax
video memory unprotecting
DivX setting result = 0
VO: [dga] 480x256 => 0x0 vm  BGR16
vo_dga: DGA 1.0 compatibility code: Using XF86VidMode for mode
vo_dga: XF86VidMode Extension v0.8
vo_dga: Selected video mode  640 x  480 @ 100 Hz @ depth 16, bitspp
16, video 48
vo_dga: Clearing framebuffer (1736704 bytes). If mplayer exits here,
you haven't
vo_dga: Doublebuffering is enabled.
Audio: no sound
Start playing...

BTW . There is a bug somewhere - on X 3.3.6 / Tseng and dga 1.0  
               mplayer  ( after playing   at 640x480 )  exits to
1024x768 ,
               on X 4.03 -  exits without switching to  previous mode

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