[Mplayer-users] new things in CVS

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Tue Jun 5 00:32:16 CEST 2001


Some important changes has been made in the CVS version nowdays:

1. introduced libao2 - audio output system
   it's very similar to libvo, but it's for audio.
   you can select audio out driver with the -ao switch, and
   list available drivers with -ao help
   currently available:
      null - not working, don't use (use -nosound)
      oss - OSS ioctl-based code ("new audio code")
            it should solve AUDIO_RESET problems too.
      alsa - ALSA 0.5 (maybe 0.9 too?) natiev driver
      sdl - SDL audio (use -sdla switch to select SDL driver)
            note: SDL supports esd and arts, so you with esd problems
            should try it (maybe SDL upgrade & recompile requires)

2. dependency stuff changed in makefiles:
   - 'makedepend' not used anymore - compiles without X11
   - .depend stuff bugs fixed

3. DOCS updated, some new docs

4. .asf seeking fixed - find keyframe and A-V is ok after seek too
   (needs heavy testing, i have only few very small asf files)

5. new option to force audio playback samplerate: -srate
   you can play videos at double speed using -srate 96000 :)

6. -framedrop and -hardframedrop works for mpeg files too

7. X11 driver works at remote display (without SHM)

8. you can sync SUB using z/x keys

9. A-V sync for AVi files has been fixed (both -bps and -nobps)
   if you still have sync problems and it isn't system speed problem
   (the last number on status line is always 0) then report it!

   when reporting such things, you MUST send us _full_ output of
   'mplayer -v file', and you may upload the buggy file to our FTP.

10. fast (and ugly) OSD/SUB renderer for really slow systems, check
   config.h and uncomment #define FAST_OSD

11. no more :)  wasn't it enough for this week?

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

mailto:arpi at thot.banki.hu

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