[Mplayer-users] mplayer + binutils-2.10.1

Garrett Kuchta gkuchta at chartermi.net
Sun Jun 3 23:02:05 CEST 2001

I've bumped into a snag -- well, two, actually;  I didn't see either of them mentioned anywhere in the archives for the past few weeks, so I thought that I'd mention them here.  Please excuse me if this has already been posted:

I'm running slack 7.1, and was experiencing a few expected performance problems, as this machine is only a p200 w/ 64MB ram / 4mb Diamond Stealth 2000 PRO.

Currently, I'm running XFree86-4.1.0 with the the extmod, xie, pex5, glx, dri, dbe, record and dga extensions.  My first problem is this:

When using -vo dga, I get a crazy video problem.  The screen cycles between my normal desktop and, I think, whatever trash was sitting in the frame buffer -- as I can see windows inside of it that I had closed a while ago.  I get a little audio, but it's crunchy and not at all healthy sounding.  I thought this might be due to my multiple desktops [2 virtual desktops], so I killed the two virtuals.  No success.  

I recompiled a new version of the CVS, in case the bug had been fixed, and noted the 'upgrade your binutils for better audio-performance' in the ./configure output; I made note of that and finished my compile -- the dga problem still existed.  I also tested the stable release, too.  That doesn't work either.  Anyhow, I updated binutils to binutils-2.10.1, and now, while trying to compile any release, stable or CVS, the compile dies on downmix.


gcc	-c -o downmix/downmix_i386.o downmix/downmix_i386.S
/tmp/ccwVjcMC.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/ccwVjcMC.s:244: Error: no such 386 instruction: `filds'
make[1]: *** [downmix/downmix_i386.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/bean/MPlayer-0.17a_IdegCounter/libac3'
make: *** [libac3/libac3.a] Error 2


Again, if this has come up already, I'm sincerely sorry, but would appreciate being pointed in the direction of some documentation.  I'm not a wonderful coder, and my ability to interpret asm == nihl.  As it stands, I'm about to descend the tree of binutils releases hoping to find an equiliberum release -- one that doesn't die but provides 'better audio-performance'.  

The x11, xv, sdl [with the exception of -sdl dga] renderers work perfectly, but I'm trying to squeeze this machine for everything it's worth.

Much thanks,
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