[Mplayer-users] Bug Report: Audio corruption with recent CVS versions

havner alien at staszic.waw.pl
Fri Jun 1 09:59:03 CEST 2001

> Thanks a lot. I did it: I recompiled SDL with aalib support, I installed
> it and... I still have the same problem. But it's a compile time error,
> so I can't send you any mplayer output. What I receive is:
Sorry for misunderstanding. I didn't want you to do it because of your
compiler error. It wont help. I just wanted you to check if SDL - aalib
works on your RedHat system, because after me you seem to be the only
person on this list with RedHat and I can't manage to run aalib output on
it and it's RedHat's fault. It's something unstable.

BTW: If you compile mplayer please check aalib.

On your problem:
1. Try to disable 3dnow   ./configure --disable-3dnow
2. Install gcc-2.95.[2|3]


alien at boss.staszic.waw.pl
havner at wp.pl

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