[Mplayer-users] Real Benchmarking

Christoph H. Lampert gruel at gmx.de
Thu Jul 26 15:20:12 CEST 2001

Hi Arpi,

since you included this great benchmarking option a while ago and everybody 
keeps talking about how fast his CPU and/or video card is with which version 
of what, how about putting a few (legal) reference files for benchmarking on 
the FTP? 
Say, one MPEG1 (low res, low bitrate), one MPEG2 (high res, high bitrate), 
one DivX-AVI (low,low), one DivX-AVI (high, high). Or take MPEG4 instead of 
DivX, whatever.

That way, the posted numbers would at least be a little bit comparible and I 
DOCS/SPEED will be less... well... non-comparible. 


Christoph Lampert, gruel at gmx.de

"Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to 
everything it touches. That's the way that the license works." - Steve Balmer

"Epsilon < 0" - chl 

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