[Mplayer-users] libac3 and sse

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Fri Jul 27 22:54:46 CEST 2001


> > > I have a Mobile Celeron 700Mhz...it's in a Dell Inspirion 4000 with
> 128MB
> > > RAM...
> > it does support SSE extensions so it might be problem of your kernel,
> > if you get yourself a recent gdb version we can debug it.
> Where did you find that the Mobile Celeron has SSE? I checked out Intel's

They with SSE are called celeron2. AFAIK all celeron >=566MHz are celeron2
(same as pentium3, but only 128kB cache and 66MHz FSB, but newer celeron2
cpus (>=800MHz) has 100MHz FSB so it can be run at 1066 at 133, even better
than 1GHz P3 :))

> Products Infos and didn't find anything;( Is the standard included in all
> 'newer' cpu's? And do the amd's support this as well?
amd has 3dnowext, not sse.

> PS: Do you have any experience with the recent versions of xmmp and xmps?
> I was told that they have evolved quite rapidly recently....but are they
> real capable players? 
xmmp: afaik development is stopped, at least goint too slow.
      we had plans to merge with mplayer some months ago, but we gave it up.
xmps: it never was an usable player (IMHO).
      but it was the first divx "player" for linux. player is quoted,
      because it wasn't usable, but you at least see some frames of the
      movie :)  i spent 2 weeks hacking to get it work, but finally gave up.

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