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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Jul 26 22:46:29 CEST 2001


> > > On Sat, Jul 21, 2001 at 05:35:23PM +0200, André Dahlqvist wrote:
> > > > I assume there is work going on to translate mplayer itself to other
> > > > languages? I mean, there isn't much point in just having the
> > > > documentation in other languages.
> >
> > It's planned, but I dunno yet how. I hate locale/gettext stuff.
> > I think that "help wizard" messages (for example: Did you copied
> > codecs.conf to xyz? download codecs pack from ftp:... and install this way:
> > ... ) should go to a new file, maybe a .h file defined as constants.
> > configure should have an option to choosee language, and use the proper
> > language helps.h file.
> I also thought about that first, but than I thought having language resources 
> loadable on the fly would be nicer, so how about having messages marked by an 
> ID inside a text file and on mplayer start determine language for current 
> user and load resources from text file into memory into an array of arrays of 
> chars where index in first dimension of array is identical to id in the 
> textfile, now just have something mprintf(2) or so, to printout id 2. If I'd 
> isn't found in locales textfile, load it from english resource, if not found 
> there show some error and abort mplayer.
This sucks. I hate seeing numbers in the source, instead of messages. And
keeping them sync with messages...
And what about format strings? Allow users to define %p%p%p%p%p as a
translation of a string samplerate: %d Hz, %s  ?

> The tricky part is finding unique ids, so maybe also a tool should be written 
> which scans sources and checks for next available id (no prob in Perl Fu :).
it solves the initial ID problem, but what about the future?

don't do that.

btw we have the same problem in my commercial project (hotel management
system, written in java). we have a function getText(String key), and
it reports a string defined by current language file.
They are simple files:

if key not found in the file, it prints *key*, and logs this to a file.
(so key=value pairs can be generated from that file)

it's usable, but hard to use, we always forget send text through that
function, or send it twice...

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