[Mplayer-users] Re: ATI Radeon VE

Nick Kurshev nickols_k at mail.ru
Thu Jul 26 23:50:19 CEST 2001


My efforts are finished. I've get something workable from XFree86 :(
But I've found a lot of lacks and I don't know where are problems :(

1) After applying Suse's XFree86 I could get graphics only on "second head"
It's - ok from windows and linux points but some "old" DOS games which
use VESA (through int10h) can work only with first head so I should replug
monitor every time when I want to use them.

2) Speed of this card from video point is too highest: I've watched DVD
in full screen at 1024x768x24 under WinNT without losing of frames with
maximal CPU loading - about 80%. The same quality of output loads cpu
only on 30-40% (with little peaks up to 60%) under Linux. (MTRR I've not touched)
Of course - through my new SBLive 5.1.
Remark: Under WinNT 4.0 ATI's drivers don't support MPEG2 hardware decoder
so it's "pure" time of software's decoding.

Now about problems:
MPLAYER: works only -vo xv, x11, sdl:x11
-dga works but too strange: I've watched in window only horizontal lines
(like I've get overclocked vertical sync but in window :)
-fsdga - not found.

Well: when I watched well famous 405.avi I've get at bottom of picture
several strange green lines (like on nVidia). Also I've found some strange
transparent diagonalled stripes which have green and pink colors.
But it's not problem of unquantize - on S3Virge everythink - ok).

When I've watched DVD then in places where store is movied (even slowly)
I've get very crumpled pictures with horizontal jaming. (Under WinNT these
problems don't exist).

AFAIK it would be better to find out solution these problems in Linux's drivers,
but it makes useless any video software under Linux with this card.

Resume: This card is perfect solution for video.
It has HW MPEG1, MPEG2 decoders and HW iDCT block (MPEG4 acceleration)
but drivers - sucks. These words could be said for SBLive! 5.1 -
from point of sound quality it's sucks against Vortex2, but Vortex
has very terrible drivers under any OS except Win95 and its place in shop.

So I don't know: But as it was commented on linhardware.com - would be better
to spend this money for greenpeace than paid them for VE.

Best regards! Nick

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