[Mplayer-users] 0.18pre4 released with native divx codec

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Tue Jul 10 19:55:56 CEST 2001


> Hmm,
>  I have been under big stress so I don't really get it.
> what's the story with this native divx codec?
> wasn't OpenDivX the project to create such codec? only problem is that
> it's not realy open source/free software, very slow and have problems with
> quality.
they develop something new, not compatible with the well-known divx format.
btw their stuff is good, yes, it's slow, but quality is good imho.

> And now you come out with something, tell us that it's native divx codec
> and d'ah! Where did it come from?
Gerard Lantau, the ffmpeg developer. he wrote a small prog which grab and
stream to all known movie formats using mpeg 1, opendigx, h263 and other
formats. now he added decoding and msmpeg4 *aka divx) support.

> Haven't Mayo projects guyes spend all the time and developers on producing
> sth like that? And haven't they given loads of interviews and such?
> How dare you come up with something like that out of nowhere?
they are hard working on that, including the new divx, and the compatible
decoder, but it is not public yet because of legal issues :(

> Does this mean that non-intel mplayer (what was it called?) is going to
> have functional divx?

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