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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Wed Feb 28 19:46:38 CET 2001


> Hmm, have anyone seen effect like that? : 
>  When I play a movie via mga/xmga driver, and switch to some other
> window(desktop) then if there's magenta color on that desktop I can see
> the movie through that color. I noticed that because ls --color have
> magenta color for .avi .zip etc files in my setup.
> So, when I fire up rxvt -bg magenta
> then I have this cute little terminal with movie running in a background.
> Looks terribly cute especialy on large screen with few rxvt's show various
> parts of the movie.
yes, because the xmga driver use color keying to limit movie to a window
filled with magenat colored pixels.
the color for keying is optional, and default is 0xFF00FF.

without color keying (like -vo mga) the movie window overlap everything.

> This effect is quite impressing, anyone can try this and share some
> thoughts? Also - why is this happening? Could we use it on purpose to
> provide extra-fast transparent terminals? (btw - gabucino, try wterm
> instead of Eterm, unless you've got plenty of ram).
only one overlay window can be uset at same time, so it limits you to use
only one such window.

note: Gabucino has no G400 card, so he can't try it...

btw it's very funny running mga with color keying to black on framebuffer
console, you can develop kernel watching matrix at the background :)

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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