[mplayer] can't compile

Bohdan Linda b.linda at sh.cvut.cz
Mon Feb 26 01:30:02 CET 2001


i've tried to compile MPlayer but, i have failed. Firstly i had low
version of binutils, thus i upgraded to binutils 2.10.1
Anyway now there's this problem
(root).bafster:/usr/src/MPlayer-0.11# make
make -C libac3
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/MPlayer-0.11/libac3'
gcc    -c -o downmix/downmix_i386.o downmix/downmix_i386.S
/tmp/ccdZpMGu.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/ccdZpMGu.s:244: Error: no such 386 instruction: `filds'
make[1]: *** [downmix/downmix_i386.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/MPlayer-0.11/libac3'
make: *** [libac3/libac3.a] Error 2

thanx for helping

-- Attached file included as plaintext by Listar --
-- File: config.h

/* -------- Generated by ./configure ----------- */

/* Define this to enable avg. byte/sec-based AVI sync method by default:
   (use -bps or -nobps commandline option for run-time method selection)    */

/* Undefine this if you want soundcard-only timing by default:
   You can still change this with the -alsa or -noalsa command-line option!
   (This function was originally impemented to solve ALSA driver's big
   buffer problems, but it seems to be useful for every soundcard drivers) */
#define ALSA_TIMER

/* Undefine this if your soundcard driver has no working select().
   If you have kernel Oops, player hangups, or just no audio, you should
   try to recompile MPlayer with this option disabled! */

/* You have a choice for MP3 decoding: mp3lib(mpg123) or Win32(l3codeca.acm)
   #define this if you prefer mpg123 (with 3Dnow! support) than l3codeca.acm
   (with mmx/sse optimizations)
   You can still change it runtime using -afm 1 (mpg123) or -afm 4 (l3codeca)*/
#undef DEFAULT_MPG123

/* XMMP support: (test code) */
#define LIBDIR "/usr/local/lib"
#define PLUGINDIR LIBDIR "/xmmp/Plugins"
#define XMMP_AUDIO_DRIVER PLUGINDIR "/Sound/oss.so"

/* LIRC (remote control, see www.lirc.org) support: */
#undef HAVE_LIRC

/* Define if your processor stores words with the most significant
   byte first (like Motorola and SPARC, unlike Intel and VAX).  */
/* #define WORDS_BIGENDIAN */

#define ARCH_X86

// NOTE: Instead of modifying these here, use the --enable/--disable options
//       of the ./configure script! See ./configure --help for details.

/* termcap flag for getch2.c */

/* Extension defines */
#undef HAVE_MLIB     // available only on solaris
#undef HAVE_3DNOW   // only define if you have 3DNOW (AMD k6-2, AMD Athlon, iDT WinChip, etc.)
#define HAVE_MMX      // only define if you have MMX
#undef HAVE_SSE     // only define if you have SSE (Intel Pentium III or Celeron II)

/* libvo options */
#define SCREEN_SIZE_X 1
#define SCREEN_SIZE_Y 1
#define HAVE_X11
#define HAVE_XV
#define HAVE_GL
#define HAVE_SDL
#undef HAVE_3DFX
#undef HAVE_MGA

#if defined(HAVE_GL)||defined(HAVE_X11)|defined(HAVE_XV)
#define X11_FULLSCREEN

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