[mplayer] Re: syncfb and Divx ;-)

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Feb 22 18:02:07 CET 2001


> > > >  flip-flopping between trying to get everything I want working with
> > > >  syncfb and trying to get X's fbdev driver to work on the TV
> > > >  framebuffer.
> > > As a 'workaround', use the 'old' mga_vid (-vo mga) driver instead of syncfb.
> > > It DOES support YUY2, thus avi playing.
> > 
> >  Ok great. I'll give that a try.
>  This didn't seem to quite work.  I tested with a Divx ;-) matrix
>  trailer that I downloaded. The sound worked fine, but all I got was a
>  white screen, scaling worked as well, but just gave me a bigger white
>  screen.
What did you do exactly? Please include mplayer -v output logs in
these bugreports...

you must do:
insmod mga_vid.o
mplayer -vo mga test.avi

it must work, if you have g200 or g400 card.

>  I tried playing an MPEG2-PS file as I had under the syncfb output
>  driver and it looked pretty much the same, except that it didn't seem
>  quite as sharp.  However, the brightness was correct, whereas it was a
>  little dark under syncfb.
Heh? It's very interesting... just because the mga and syncfb drivers
works at the same way, the only difference is thet syncfb uses double
buffering to avoid flickering.

> But the sound still didn't work and I have a
>  feeling that its just a problem with the handling of MPEG2-PS files
>  by mplayer in general.  
i need a full bugreport, please send to arpi at thot.banki.hu:
- outout of ./configure
- config.h, config.mak files
- output of  mplayer -v -v -v -vo null yourfile.vob

>  There were a couple of warnings with the compile of the mga_vid.o
>  module, so I'm going to try see if I can fix those, but the mga_vid_test
>  program worked fine.
Ok, if the test prg works, then mplayer should work too with -vo mga

>  As another piece of information, I was able to play the matrix.avi
>  file fine using mplayer with both the -xv and -x11 output modes.
What about mpeg2 files? Arem't they playable with -vo x11 ?

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