[mplayer] advice for a new sound card

Maximo Ramos maximo at violadores.org
Wed Feb 21 13:52:02 CET 2001

Hi everybody

I hope this is not completely offtopic :) but I suspect my sound card,
an old ISA SB PNP 16 is causing some delay while playing divx with

Yep, mp3 and others doesn't cause any problems :)

The author of mplayer advice me a Sound Blaster Live, which has

Creative EMU10K1 based PCI sound cards
  Say Y or M if you have a PCI sound card using the EMU10K1
  chipset, such as the Creative SBLive!,  SB PCI512 or Emu-APS.

But in www.soundblaster.com I have seen MANY SBLive alike sound cards,
and I am confuse about which one to buy .... Anyone can give me some


Maximo Ramos
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