[Mplayer-users] Too slow playback, how to estimate speed

Petri J. Riipinen petri.riipinen at nic.fi
Fri Aug 31 19:06:51 CEST 2001

Hi there,

 > I have MTRR compiled to in kernel, but there is no /proc/mtrr, so my guess
> > is that Crusoe doesn't support it...?!?
>what kernel messages say at boot time about mtrr?

It says:
mtrr: detected mtrr type: none

So I guess that's that...

> > The benchmark gave me the following numbers:
> >
> > BENCHMARKs: V:  2.000s VO: 0.000s  A: 0.080s Sys: 38.246s = 40.326s
> > BENCHMARK%: V: 4.9596% VO: 0.000% A: 0.1973% Sys: 94.8431% = 100.0000%
>something went wrong...
>it says that video display ate 0% cpu, and decoding eat 5%...
>impossible, even on my 1GHz p3 it's 20% and 8%
> > What do those numbers tell about my systems performance? Do they give any
> > promise that a 600MHz Crusoe would do better? Or did I execute the
> > benchmark incorrectly...?
>try with -nosound (or if you have soundcard, then use it, don't disable
>how long this benchmark ran? run it (watch movie) for 2 minutes, then exit.

Ok, I did exactly that and I get:
BENCHMARKs: V:  140.827s VO: 0.000s  A: 0.000s Sys: 62.919s = 203.746s
BENCHMARK%: V: 69.1190% VO: 0.000% A: 0.0000% Sys: 30.8810% = 100.0000%

So, what does that tell about the 400MHz Crusoe? The picture quality itself 
looks really good, just a bit slow. I'll be damned if that sluggishness 
comes just because of missing mtrr...:(

- Pete
   Petri J. Riipinen
petri.riipinen at nic.fi

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