[Mplayer-users] MPlayer shows only left side of film!

Jesper L. Nielsen ftp at phunkbros.dk
Thu Aug 30 18:07:10 CEST 2001

Please CC reply, as I'm not on the list, sorry..

Hi people.. 
 Just got an IBM ThinkPad (A22p), installed Linux, and was dying to try
mplayer on this baby. Problem is, when I fire up a good and error free
film (be it AVI og MPG), the video display screen only shows exactly the
left half of the film.
 It drives me nutts. It looks as if the player has zoomed in on the left
half of the film, in a correct size window, and cutting of the right
side. Streetching or fullscreen doesnt help, however, chosing X11 as
Video Out displays the film correct, but leaves me unable to zoom.

Please help me out on this one.. The exact same files (including whe
binary win32 files) works just fine on my other (non laptop) machine.

Version is: 0.18pre5 but latest CVS snapshot had the same problem.


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