[Mplayer-users] Solaris mlib

Juergen Keil jk at tools.de
Wed Aug 29 16:35:47 CEST 2001

> there should be a   --with-mlibdir   switch in ./configure,

Such a switch is already implemented in configure,  and it's called
(surprise)    --with-mlibdir   :-)

At this time, --with-mlibdir is one of the switches that is implemented, 
but not printed in configure's --help output.

Usage is like this:

	./configure --with-mlibdir=/wherever/mlib/is/installed

The default directory checked for mediaLib is /opt/SUNWmlib

> since mlib-support is now working.

You've obviously already found out, that medialib support for
libavcodec exists, too :-)


but upto now, it's not yet included in ffmpeg's CVS.

> aren't the extralib switches enough for that purpose?

> Configure does not talk about mlib at all (with our without --enable-mlib),

It does:

  Checking for Sun mediaLib ... yes

(i.e. configure reports that it has found a usable mediaLib on you solaris

> but support is enable, because it's compiled correctly (after it set MLIB_ 
> variables in config.mak by hand). 

Hmm, is your configure upto date?  Revision 1.154 of configure should add
MLIB_INC and MLIB_LIB to config.mak, for use with the libavcodec mediaLib
patch I've mentioned above.

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