[Mplayer-users] Hi, question

Christoph Lampert lampert at math.chalmers.se
Wed Aug 29 13:55:58 CEST 2001

>> can you help me ?
>not sure :)
>> I want to start up my mplayer version 6,4 (I use NT) in full-screenmode(alt
>> enter) is it possible ?
>> And : when my avi is finished I would like that my mplayer automatically
>> closes (alt F4) ist it possible ?
>yes, your mplayer version is outdated, upgrade to mplayer cvs version, like 
>1. install a linux distribution of your choice (some are freely available as 
>cd-images from www.linuxiso.org or brew your own, like described on 
>2. install compiler, XFree 4, cvs etc.
>3. grab a recent mplayer-cvs copy liek described on http://mplayerhq.hu on 
>the download page
>4. run mplayer -fs <yourfile> (it will playback file in fullscreen and after 
>that exit automagically)

This won't work, you forgot to compile! Please insert
3b. run  ./configure  and   make  


(and you forgot the RTFM! as well).

"Mplayer is great!" -- chl

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