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Anders Rune Jensen root at gnulinux.dk
Wed Aug 29 00:56:35 CEST 2001


I run debian SID and I have trouble compiling mplayer with the GUI. 
It seems that when I try to enable it with --enable-gui it requires 2 grafical lib. 
When I then try to install one of them it has to delete the other one. 
I can't enable them both at the same time, which means that I cannot compile with gui support.

He's the "error" with a apt-get update:

The following extra packages will be installed:
  libglib1.2-dbg libglib1.2-dev libglide2 libglide2-dev libglide3
The following packages will be REMOVED:

./configure says:

Is this the right packages, or what am I doing wrong here?
Checking for gtk version ... 1.0.6
Checking for gtk includes ... done
Checking for gtk libs ... done

Checking for glib version ... ./configure: glib-config: command not found
Checking for glib includes ... done
Checking for glib libs ... done


Anders Rune Jensen
root at gnulinux.dk
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