[Mplayer-users] transition from file to file

Felix Buenemann atmosfear at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Aug 27 20:48:23 CEST 2001

On Monday, 27. August 2001 13:02, mdew wrote:
> using the latest mplayer CVS, i decided to test the multi-file capibilitys
> that were added recently...
> mplayer -vo sdl xxxxx.mpg yyyyyy.mpg
> during xxxxx.mpg, i'll press 'F' for full-screen...however when i get to
> yyyyyy.mpg, it'll revert back to the orginal size... could it be possible
> to retain the settings of the previous xxxxx.mpg and keep everything the
> same?
multifile stuff is currently experimental and it'll (IMHO) stay until we go 
off with libvo2, cause we don't want to fix around in de facto old code.
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