[Mplayer-users] OT: DivX4Linux (and DivX4notlinux)

Christoph Lampert lampert at math.chalmers.se
Mon Aug 27 11:25:43 CEST 2001

>> >> divx4linux from 20010811 has some bugs removed (e.g. for framesizes not a 
>Do you know smth about non-Linux releases ?

Well... there is final version for Windows, and then there is ... nothing.

Linux version is still beta (and only updated "privately" by Sparky, but he's
the #1 guy for DivX4 anyway, so that's fine). There could be a Linux page on 
divx.com one day, or at least a big change in projectmayo.com-site. 
Maybe we will see the release of DivX4 for Linux then. 

There seems to be a MacOS version (but it's not done by Sparky, so who knows,
if it's ever going to see the light). There were no betas of DivX4 for Mac, 
only OpenDivX stuff, so I personally doubt it. 

I asked about Solaris/IRIX etc. and Junto told me, it would take some time "to 
get the machines", but that they would not forget those users.
I'm quiet sure that they _will_. Maybe not forget, but ignore. 

So, all your last chance is to join   www.videocoding.de   and help speeding
up latest CVS of OpenDivX. API is compatible to DivX4 and we added some nice
features (like Adaptive Quantization, better two-pass is next). Now it has to 
get faster. Oh, of course it still runs on all tested plattforms (at least 
Windows&Linux optmized, Solaris in pure C). 


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