[Mplayer-users] what is a recommended video card for playing DVD movies Mon Aug 27 10:43:24 2001

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> >  I have a machine with a PII 350 Mhz. processor. I want to get good DVD
> >playback on this machine 64megs RAM. I wish to buy a good video card (say
> >like the Radeon) which supports DVD hardware decoding. How wil these work
> >with mplayer, and how is the playback quality on such a configuratioon of
> >DVD movies? How are the other options like the GeForce2MX, etc.? Upgrading
> >the processor is not an option, but I can get more RAM. I would be very
> >grateful for any advice on the matter.
> Hardware DVD abilities are _NOT_ supported by Linux and/or MPlayer. For no 

I'll add DVB (the Siemens DVB-sat card, see www.linuxtv.org) support very
soon. It has hardware mpeg 1/2 decoder and also hardware OSD support.
It decodes stream to its TV-out port.
(it should decode audio too, but i couldn't get it working yet)

If you need only mpeg 1/2 playback, then such card + p2-300 is enough.
For divx playback (even with this card) you need a faster CPU.

> graphics card. What you can do is use Xvideo-Mode to get YV12 overlay and 
> hardware scaling, which is good, but not enough to play DVD on PII 350.
> I'd say, spend the same money on a Duron CPU+Motherboard, then you get DVD 
> playback. 
> Amount of RAM is not important (for this). 

> Or, use the Radeon (or similar) with Windows, then drivers support DVD hardware. 

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