[Mplayer-users] Font Support

Lethal Weapon lethalwp at LethalWP.dyndns.org
Sun Aug 26 17:50:55 CEST 2001


Playing a little bit with mplayer i have encountered some problems:

Trying out the fonts: when i add fonts + font.desc, and i play a movie, i have a "play + time" on screen, but if i then use the arrows to 'navigate' through 
the movie, it quits with:
A:  14.5  V:  14.0  A-V:  0.000  ct: ?     72/ 72  21%  5%  1.3% 0 0
MPlayer interrupted by signal 8 in module: decode_video 
Does other poeple have the same problem?
Also, i think it would be a nice idea to: instead of showing the res and colordepth or so after pressing 'c', showing it near the time, and maybe also add a '*' 
to tell the user the machine is working too slowly to play the movie at that resolution.

Then, it would be needed to add some key to remove the displaying of all this? And maybe also a key like 'h' to print all the keybindings on screen?
(maybe those keys already exist? But there are no traces of them in the man page)

Or is somebody already working on this?
(i will but try to dig it out, but right now need to study :( )


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