[Mplayer-users] codecs.conf

Christoph Lampert lampert at math.chalmers.se
Sun Aug 26 14:53:56 CEST 2001

>where does one get a codecs.conf ?
>*** Try to upgrade /home/mdew/.mplayer/codecs.conf from etc/codecs.conf
>*** If it's still not OK, then read DOCS/CODECS!
>/etc/codecs.conf? its not there...

Nobody spoke about  /etc/codecs.conf

it's just   etc/codecs.conf, so path is relative to mplayer-dir

And    main/etc/codecs.conf DOES exist. A simple find would have does the
job, too...

But true, DOCS/CODECS has been removed, so the message should be changed! 


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