[Mplayer-users] mplayer won't play .avi made with transcode

Jason Lunz j at falooley.org
Sat Aug 25 23:50:35 CEST 2001

I made an avi with transcode (using -y divx4 , so it would use
ProjectMayo's libdivxencore to compress the avi) and it won't play with
mplayer. mplayer tries to use the odivx codec, I think because of the
0x58564944 (DIVX) fourcc. When played this way, the audio is fine but
video is black (this is xv output on MGA G200).

When I try force mplayer to use libdivxdecore with "-vc divx4", i get
audio with a green screen instead. Either way, it doesn't work. This is
even an FAQ:

Q: I have an AVI that plays with grey screen with -vc odivx, and green
   with -vc divx4 .
A: It's not a DivX file, but an M$ MPEG4v3 . Update
   your codecs.conf.

The problem is, I have the same codecs.conf that is in CVS now and it
still doesn't work. Is the .avi broken or mplayer? what's the right way
to make this work?


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