[Mplayer-users] Re: a question about playing the audio ...

Kukocs kukocs at programozo.hu
Fri Aug 24 01:23:17 CEST 2001


cool, i should have theese 3 things, am I right??? 
:- soundcard with Ac3 passthrough capability to digital out (sp/dif)
:- soundcard driver supporting AFMT_AC3 (currently only sb live, afaik)
:- and hardware ac3 decoder connected to soundcard's digital out
so my question is: its  _ONLY_  supported by sb live (sucks!) driver????
I dont know much of my sound cards driver (au8830), but i know the
card has passsthrough capability to dig.out., and my driver's README
says spdif is supported :(  But i've never tested it at all!
I dont know what AFMT_AC is, but can you explain for me, how can I see,
does my driver support it?? /if Someone know it better than me, let me
know, please!)

:then you can try mplayer option -ac hwac3 to enable this feature.
:but it is not finished/tested stuff, may not work well or at all
:(i can't test it, i have no hardware ac3 decoder)
Anything is better than nothing! I'll test it as soon, as i'll have a hw



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