[Mplayer-users] a question about playing the audio from a dvd

Kukocs kukocs at programozo.hu
Wed Aug 22 13:29:56 CEST 2001


I feel, dvd playing is not the future in linux, and really thank You
all! :) Very cool work! The truth is it's working well about 2-3 weeks
ago (for me)- with mplayer of course :)

But my question is about the dolby digital audio's:  
I've got a sound card with optical output (im not using, yet)- my 
driver's README says spdif is supported.
So my question is: how  mplayer plays the dvd sounds???? 
I know my soundcard is _only stereo_ under linux :(.My only chance
for the dolby feeling is the optical output :) 

Mplayer gives only a stereo signal to the sound card, or the full
signal(including ac-3, if exists) to /dev/dsp, from dvds, or ac-3
included movie files??? 



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