[Mplayer-users] some mplayer debian/* fixes

Dariusz Pietrzak dariush at ajax.umcs.lublin.pl
Wed Aug 22 23:00:02 CEST 2001

> definately needed fixing. I'm just curious why you never responded to my
> tree, admittedly rather big, patches?
 IIRC, your patches were made against ye olde /bin/sh postinst, while I
rebuilt those using perl. I thought your changes were largely
incorporated, I may be wrong though. I have not received any more patches
since then. This may be due to my problem(?) with mplayer-dev-eng.

Dariusz Pietrzak
"MPlayer now compiles and works on Solaris 8, of course only on x86
machines, not Sparc (that would be hopeless, sorry)."  A'rpi 2001-06-06

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