[Mplayer-users] unresolved symbol with gcc-3.0, OT

Dariusz Pietrzak dariush at ajax.umcs.lublin.pl
Sun Aug 19 21:07:47 CEST 2001

> mplayer DOES compiles with gcc 3.0 for me.
so what when libs that it relies on don't ?
 libc is much bigger are respectfull project then mplayer, not to mentiun
much deeper 'market penetration';).

> so please include deailed error messages and info (see DOCS/BUGREPORTS),
> unless your bugreport is useless.
sure sure, I just think that gcc3.0 still shouldn't be recomended.
oh well... i don't know that stuff... i should be doing sth usefull..
sorry for intruding.

Dariusz Pietrzak
"I have the heart of a child; I keep it in a jar on my desk."

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