[Mplayer-users] Misspelling in name for new CVS server?

André Dahlqvist andre.dahlqvist at telia.com
Sun Aug 19 03:35:19 CEST 2001

I was guiding a user though getting and setting up mplayer and at first he
got the wrong CVS tree (the old one). He told me he got this message:

	This MPlayer CVS tree is obsoloted!
We have moved the CVS repository from SourceForge to our new server!
Checkout using -d:pserver:anonymous at mplayer.dv.hu:/cvsroot/mplayer

Notice the addresss to the CVS server: ... at mplayer.dv.hu:/cvsroot/mplayer
Was that a typo on his part or does it really say that? If it does, we
could be loosing users:-)

André Dahlqvist <andre.dahlqvist at telia.com>

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