[Mplayer-users] sound on alpha

Juergen Keil jk at tools.de
Sun Aug 12 19:21:56 CEST 2001

> When i play an avi or mpeg (with mp3-audio stream),
> the sound is very "noisy". Same thing if i play it
> to a wav-file (-pcm). But when i dump the audio and
> play the streamdump with mpg123 it's fine.

Just a wild guess:

You may want to play with the WRITE_SAMPLE macro in mp3lib/decod386.c ...

Try to enable the "old WRITE_SAMPLE" version, by changing the '#if 0'
to an '#if 1', and recompile.  The "old WRITE_SAMPLE" macro should
be portable.

The "new WRITE_SAMPLE" version of the macro (currently enabled by
default) uses some ugly tricks to squeeze out maximum performance for
converting floating point -> 16-bit int values. These tricks depend on
the floating point format use to store double values in memory and may
not work everywhere (see the comments in the code).

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