[Mplayer-users] a fbdev helper script.

Jakub Turski yacoob at chruptak.plukwa.net
Sun Aug 12 18:25:02 CEST 2001

* BERECZ Szabolcs pisze co następuje... 
* [2001/08/12 18:12]

> > fbdev will find the best mode in /etc/fb.modes (or what you want),
> > if you give the information about your monitor.
> beat me. there is nothing about fbdev in the docs :)
> check example.conf.

 I  will  beat  you  :) Please tell me first, why my mplayer doesn't set
proper mode when:
 * I have these lines in config:

 fb = /dev/fb0                          # framebuffer device to use
 # fbmode = 640x480-120                  # use this mode (read from fb.modes!)
 fbmodeconfig = /etc/fb.modes           # the fb.modes file
 monitor_hfreq = 31.5k-65k              # horizontal frequency range
 monitor_vfreq = 50-100                 # vertical frequency range
 monitor_dotclock = 30M-100M            # dotclock (or pixelclock) range

 * I have proper modes, suitable for films, like:

mode "320x240"
mode "352x240"
mode "352x274"
mode "352x288"
mode "400x255"
mode "400x300"
mode "400x320"
mode "720x540"

and so on, plus standard ones.

> then if you use -vm, it will search for the best video mode in
> /etc/fb.modes

 Maybe I have to chant something? Or give a gift to mplayer?
 I'm using matrox milenium I fb.


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