[Mplayer-users] Reactions to keystrokes when framedropping

Christoph Lampert lampert at math.chalmers.se
Thu Aug 9 22:32:50 CEST 2001

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Arpi wrote:

> Hi,
> > > when mplayer runs framedropping it does not accept keystrokes in the output
> > > window during drops. You have to switch to the console to control it.
> > > That's not good, e.g. when I play a movie (fullscreen, of course) which is
> > > too slow for my machine, then it drops all frames and I have to use Alt-TAB
> > > to get my console back, to press 'q'. Otherwise I'm stuck with a black
> > > screen. :-(
> >
> > I got something similar. I had a broken avi that caused
> > dshow to stop... mplayer didn't accept any keystrokes anymore.
> > All other codecs worked fine though.
> >
> > But i couldnt reproduce the bug some days later, so I didnt
> > report it.
> I know, but i can't fix. This is the bad side of the single-process
> player. Btw you still can play ctrl+c (it sends a signal) or if you
> have X in fullscreen, then press alt+f4 (or the window-closing hotkey or
> your wm).

Yes, but actually I rather want to _skip_ instead of quitting, because
often then A-V is in sync again and playing continues...

Too bad :-(


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