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Thu Aug 9 15:25:29 CEST 2001

On Wednesday,  8. August 2001 17:07, you wrote:
> Allright, I know this is off subject, but I was so amazed by the very
> high quality and the compression ratio that I thought I would let you
> know how I did it:
> Get transcode at
> http://www.theorie.physik.uni-goettingen.de/~ostreich/transcode/
> Replace all occurences of fccDIV3 by fccDIV4 in export_divx.cpp and
> export_divx2.cpp. Compile and install (I generated an rpm using the
> included spec file) (you need avifile 0.53.5) (you also need divxc32f.dll).
this will actually degrade image quality cause divx fast motion (div4) has 
worse image quality for still scenes (then low motion -> DIV3) only helps for 
very high motion scenes.
Read more about this issue at the nicky guides, especially:

> Once you get the decrypted VOBs on your disk, use for example:
> $ transcode -i vobssubdir/ -a 1 -x mpeg2,ac3 -y divx2 -j 32,8 -B 4,0 -o
> Cube.avi
> That's it.
> The Cube (about 90 minutes) was compressed down to 434 Mb while
> maitaining top image quality and mplayer compatibility, of course :-).
the idea with ripping is getting the best quality on a CD or two, so you rip 
to 650MB or 700MB or the double amont for 2CD rips. You can use bitrate 
calculators to esteminate the needed bitrate.

> All I need know is a subtitle extraction utility for Linux...

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