[Mplayer-users] Re: Fwd: prob/feature req (fwd)

Tapani Liukkonen Tapani.Liukkonen at kemi.fi
Tue Aug 7 18:50:49 CEST 2001


> yes. redirector to simple .asf file.
> and mplayer already supports asf files. no no sense of .asx support in it.
Yep, i just didnt know it earlier.

> Strange. I had similar prob, but it couldn't autodetect chip at all,
> i had to specify it with type=6
This proves at linux is ready for desktops..this strangenes happened when
i removed my unused mpegcard(hollywood) from my machine...
and specifying hasnt helped :I gotta look it more when i have time...

I uploaded two files to incoming/KillallAudioandLights, with these my X
dies...propably problem with my system but anyway...

> > My computer is living its on live..very strange live....:)
> they are even worse than girls :)

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