[Mplayer-users] broken movie

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Mon Aug 6 12:26:11 CEST 2001


> i have a broken movie. when it reaches the broken point, mplayer dumps
> a whole lot "chunk id mismatch" errors with control characters in them
> (thus screwing the terminal output).  when run with -forceidx, mplayer
> terminates at the same point with 'end of file' message (and a 'broken
> frame' if -v - shouldn't this be displayed without -v too? seems important).
> i'll upload the beginning of the file, but obviously the first problem
> can not be repeated with a rebuilt index (it's mononoke.avi in incoming).
sorry, i can't help. it was discussed a week ago in detail.

> mplayer really doesn't break the playback (if you don't rebuild the index),
> but leaves the terminal in dunnowhat mode (requiring a terminal reset to
> clean it up), which i don't think is good. is it really wise to print the
> raw (chunks?) directly to the terminal, with whatever control codes are
> there affecting it? shouldn't it be more useful if a hex dump of the chunk
right. i have to fix it. btw it's unusual if you get non-ascii codes as
chunk id.. then your movie is seriously broken :)

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