[Mplayer-users] Problem with Debian packaging

Amy Fong afong at furryterror.org
Mon Aug 6 08:10:31 CEST 2001

Problem with debian packaging -

The resulting debian package was unable to go thru the postinst
script because it's missing the templates file. (End
up with a mplayer/output not found or some variation thereof
error message). 

My fix:

1. Explicitly add debhelper command to install debconf files
   in binary-arch rule right after cleaning out debian/tmp:

$ diff rules rules.orig 
<       dh_installdebconf

2. Copy/Rename postinst.templates to templates (since dh_installdebconf is
   looking for the file templates).

MPlayer version 0.18pre5


(Let me know if system info is needed)

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