[Mplayer-users] Problems on an Athlon

Tony Clark tclark at telia.com
Sun Aug 5 19:49:15 CEST 2001

Hang on a minute, I'll just put my flame proof suit on

I've been trying to get mplayer to run till the end of a movie on my system.  
 It will run for about 10 - 20 minutes...seems to depend a bit on what 
desktop I am using.  Seems to perfer gnome.  It usually crashes after taking 
out in other applications that may be running at the same time.  I have even 
had it screw the bios on the machine.  At least I am pretty sure it did.  It 
can crash X as well but usually its just happy to crash the console it is run 

I've built it using gcc.2.95, 2.96, 3.0, 3.01(cvs) all with the same effect.  
I've built all the other complilers apart from 2.96 using egcs.

K7 1200C
KT133a MB
Gforce2 ultra with nv driver not Nvidia
Samsung DVD
3com905 network

Any ideas?


Tony Clark
ASIC, FGPA and Digital Design
+46 702 894 667

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