[Mplayer-users] which compiler is better - gcc 3.0 or gcc 2.95.x?

Jindrich Kolorenc jkol5223 at menza.mff.cuni.cz
Fri Aug 3 16:03:51 CEST 2001

> > 	I'm using they buggy gcc-2.96 compiler at the moment, and I wnat
> > to know which one is better to replace it with for mplayer - 3.0 or
> > 2.95? I've heard that gcc 3.0 has a few problems. Is that true? And if so,
> > is the playback speed badly affected?
> currently you should stick with 2.95.3 it's faster and more bugfree then gcc
> 3.0.

But if you also want to use g77 (probably not, but I sometimes do) the
2.95.3 version is somewhat broken. I have FORTRAN 77 code that works with
2.96 and 3.0, but behaves strange with 2.95.3. Sorry for offtopic.

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