[Mplayer-users] Problem compiling MPlayer ("undefined reference to deflate")Sun Apr 29 03:08:09 2001

Marcus Tegel tegel at mpg3.de
Sun Apr 29 11:27:26 CEST 2001

You wrote:

> > /usr/lib/libpng.a(png.o): In function `png_reset_crc': png.o(.text+0x13a): undefined reference to `crc32' /usr/lib/libpng.a(png.o): In function `png_calculate_crc': png.o(.text+0x19f): undefined reference to `crc32' /usr/lib/libpng.a(pngwrite.o): In function `png_write_flush': pngwrite.o(.text+0x86a): undefined reference to `deflate' /usr/lib/libpng.a(pngwrite.o): In function `png_write_destroy': pngwrite.o(.text+0x9fe): undefined reference to `deflateEnd' /usr/lib/libpng.a(pngwutil.o): In function `png_write_IHDR': pngwutil.o(.text+0x44c): undefined reference to `deflateInit2_' /usr/lib/libpng.a(pngwutil.o): In function `png_write_zTXt': pngwutil.o(.text+0xf57): undefined reference to `deflate' pngwutil.o(.text+0x105a): undefined reference to `deflate' pngwutil.o(.text+0x1216): undefined reference to `deflateReset' /usr/lib/libpng.a(pngwutil.o): In function `png_write_finish_row': pngwutil.o(.text+0x1847): undefined reference to `deflate' pngwutil.o(.text+0x18d9): undefined!
>  reference to `deflateReset' /usr/l
> > b/libpng.a(pngwutil.o): In function `png_write_filtered_row': pngwutil.o(.text+0x2a1c): undefined reference to `deflate' make: *** [mplayer] Error 1 
> hmm. you have static version of libpng. you must compile mplayer with
> ./configure --disable-png  or  edit config.mak and append to X_LIBS=...
> aafter -lpng this: -lz

Now, it works fine, thanks!

> > My hard/software:
> > kernel: 2.2.14
> > linux distribution: caldera open linux edesktop 2.4
> > glibc version: 1.2.6
> hmm. is it libc5?


> > your X11 version: ?
> 3.3.x or 4.x ?

3.3.x ;-)

> > video card vendor/model: Riva TNT2 Chipset
> ok, if you have X 4.0.1+ and using nvidia's driver (instead X's built-in)

All right, it's a bit slow, even with mmx, 3dnow and mtrr enabled. 

But I'm planning to update to a more recent linux distribution in a few
months (with xfree 4 and NVidia driver) so speed problems will probably be
past then.

Thanks for your help.

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