[Mplayer-users] DVD raw mode + IFO Parsing + AC3 SPDIF output

German Gomez Garcia german at piraos.com
Fri Apr 27 21:07:44 CEST 2001


	Integrating AC3 spdif output was really trivial, ten minutes, new
record ;-). Ok finally I have a DVD Player under Linux that is far better
than any Windows player, at least I have AC3 Passthrough under SMP.
Thanks to everybody!!! I'm really happy.

	The IFO Parsing as I report yesterday night it's really basic, if
you don't specify anything it will play the default movie without any
option. You can specify -dvdtitle T -dvdchapter B and -dvdtochapter E if
you want to play title T from chapter B to chapter E (if you don't
specify E it will start at B and plays to end).

	I've also integrated the AC3 support from xine (minor patch to
libac3/decode.c) and changed the mplayer.c file in order to make it write
in 4096 chunks to the audio buffer when -spdif option is specified, that
is, it completely ignores any possible /dev/dsp buffering as with current
SBLive! driver it doesn't work right.

	I'm watching Matrix right now and it sounds great in my DTS2500
Speaker System, and it was as easy as:

	mplayer -spdif -fs -vo xv -dvd /dev/cdrom 

	just watch it and HEAR to it  8-o   

	Also, after looking the diff I found that it was big beacuse of
those .depend and some backups. Now it's quite small, and I've attached it
I hope it pass the mailing list filter, if not you could get it at:


it against latest CVS MPlayer, you can find the related tools by Juha
Yrjola and myself at that address.

	Of course these are preliminary patches and most probably will be
difficult to setup, I'm working now in some doc, but code goes always
before docs.

	Regards and happy Dolby Digital.

	- german

PS: As always I welcome patches, comentaries, critics, ideas, etc.
German Gomez Garcia         | "This isn't right.  This isn't even wrong."
<german at piraos.com>         |                         -- Wolfgang Pauli
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