[Mplayer-users] IFO Parsing and raw DVD support

Gábor Lénárt lgb at lgb.hu
Fri Apr 27 11:09:02 CEST 2001


On Fri, Apr 27, 2001 at 01:33:15AM +0200, German Gomez Garcia wrote:
>         Finally, I got some time to work on the ifo parsing and raw DVD
> support, I've just finished including it into mplayer, it was done in
> about half an hour using the xine_dvd_plugin. It's working quite well,
> although it's really dirty. In fact with this patch mplayer is by far
> the easier and more versatile DVD player out there. I haven't made a
> patch because I'm checking for some race conditions with buffers. It
> completely replace dvdauth.*.

Nice to hear it. I'd like to see your sources to test. However, please do
not replace the whole dvdauth.c since the structure of mplayer source would
become more and more ugly. dvdauth.c is for doing title and disc key
authorization and NOTHING more. Create another source file for the rest

>         I would like to know the best way to post it, the patch would be
> quite big and I prefer to send it to one of the developers that posting it
> to the list, anybody in the development team want to check it?

Since I created this preliminary DVD support can be found in mplayer now,
I'm very interested in your project. At least mail that patch for me (lgb at lgb.hu).

Maybe we should work together to test your new stuff and merge it into the
CVS tree if everything seems to be OK.

>         I'll start working in AC3/SPDIF output using SBLive! tomorrow as it
> is 01:30 AM and I doesn't like caffeine :-).

:) Which kind of sound driver supports SPDIF in Linux? Sorry maybe I've post
something on this question but I can't find it now :)

However we should move to mplayer-devel with this topic, I think.

- Gabor

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