[Mplayer-users] Audio & video resync

Nick Kurshev nickols_k at mail.ru
Tue Apr 24 14:00:05 CEST 2001

Hello, Arpi!

>> Also I have one question: on my hardware sometime (but enough frequently)
>> during playing MPEG4-DivX;) files probably at half of file audio and video streams
>> are async. But after pressing left and right arrow keys streams sync again.
>> Where are problems? In codecs or in mplayer?
>In the files. :)
>Try with the -bps option, it will forces sync method used by seeking.
>By default, A-V sync is made similar to mpeg files, using PTS values (but
>they are somehow dummy for AVI files, since AVI has no PTS). In most cases
>it works better than 'official' avi timing, except for some files.

also 'war' wrote:
>It happens on 15 different divx movies.
>(no audio/video sync) (off by like .5-3.0 seconds)

You suggestions have no effect on my files. Problem is not solved. Playing with key -bps even worst than 
without. I have found that audio & video streams are resync after overloading of CPU. If key -bps is not used
there is possibility to sync streams again, but with -bps streams never sync.
Exampe: I watch the film 'Species' with russian translation. This film have size of picture 600x400. (4:3 format)
In the places where story is very dynamic my cpu is overloaded and after it sound outdistance from video on 
3-5 sec. After pressing left and right arrow keys (sometime 'P' - pause key) streams are sync again. But if I use 
-bps it's not possible and streams never sync again until of end of film.

I've understand that would be better to change my PCI S3Virge with AGP video card, but:
Are there possibility to avoid this problem or it's not possible for mplayer, because it uses codecs with closed 

Best regards! Nick

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