[Mplayer-users] compile error referring to demuxer.h

Felix Buenemann atmosfear at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Apr 23 16:40:21 CEST 2001

On Montag, 23. April 2001 16:22 you wrote:
> I just downloaded
> http://mplayer.sourceforge.net/snapshots/mplayer-main-current.tar.bz2
> I currently use mplayer Version 0.11pre10, so I wanted to upgrade.
> When "make"-ing I get:
> gcc -c -O4 -march=pentium -mcpu=pentium -pipe -ffast-math  -Iloader -Ilibvo
> -DUSE_DIRECTSHOW -o mplayer.o mplayer.c
> mplayer.c:237: demuxer.h: No such file or directory
> .... and a lot of other garbage.
> There was no demuxer.h file in the package only a demuxer.c. Strangely
> enough even the c-file references a demuxer.h
> What did I do wrong? I did not find any mention of "demuxer.h" in the DOCS
> directory.

Arpi forgot to commit it to CVS it will be added during the next hours. 
Please be patient :)

> I am using RedHat 6.2 (with erratas applied) running linux 2.2.16 on a
> Pentium 200MMX with 64 MB Ram.
> Leo

Best Regards,

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