[Mplayer-users] CVS code and adding new features

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Sun Apr 22 23:30:03 CEST 2001


>         I've started working on .ifo parsing and chapter/title selection for
> DVDs just using the code of the xine dvd_input plugin, and I've found some
> difficulties mainly because IMHO, the current CVS code is not very uniform,
> I mean, indentation seems to be random and different from one file to the
> other, and variable names doesn't follow any pattern (at least I was not
> able to discover it :-).
yes, we know. but do not change it.
after the release, we will maybe re-indent things.
and i'm hard working on re-structuring parts, moving some globals to structs
and renaming some variables. but it's a very long and hard work, so be

>         I know that the important thing is that it works! but well, if
yes. and not only this.
speed is much more important than nice structured reentrant code. yes,
maybe you say i'm mad. but see for example aviplay. it's nice(?) c++
object oriented well-structured etc, but so slow...

i will keep globals for speed-critic variables, and won't mess up many
things just to get some lines nicer.

> anybody outside the core-team want to help, it's quite difficult to read
> through the code. Of couse I can apply indent -kr to my own CVS tree,
> but then patches would be bigger than the whole distribution.
do not send us patches with whitespace problems.
or you will be forced to drink 10l cola :) [developers know what i'm talking

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