[Mplayer-users] fastmemcpy benchmark

Dag B dag at bredband.no
Sun Apr 22 15:19:03 CEST 2001

Felix Buenemann wrote:
> On Sonntag, 22. April 2001 12:17 you wrote:

[results deleted]

> > How come the mga-* test is so much worse than the others? Does this
> > indicate a bug? (Using the module in latest cvs.)
> >
> I guess it might have to do with no or improper agp support of you
> system/kernel.

XFree86.0.log says:
(==) MGA(0): Using AGP 1x mode

OpenGL/DRI works nicely. (q3a demo001/fastest gives me 29.2 fps with xfree86
cvs. Never been this high on this system.)

Both the Asus P5A (early revisions?) and the G200 can do agp 2x, but not
together. I have an email from ALi verifying this. Something about timing

Dag B

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