[Mplayer-users] fastmemcpy benchmark

Dag B dag at bredband.no
Sun Apr 22 12:17:04 CEST 2001

Highly interesting....

Asus P5A, K6-2/500, G200/16MB. Linux 2.4.3.

# ./fastmem.sh 
k6 : v2-v1=915325227 = 1826477us  (54.750fps)   82.1MB/s
mmx: v2-v1=790536059 = 1577468us  (63.393fps)   95.1MB/s
mga-k6 : v2-v1=3012802007 = 6011851us  (16.634fps)   25.0MB/s
mga-mmx: v2-v1=3798322327 = 7579307us  (13.194fps)   19.8MB/s

I had an idea about memory bandwidth of this system sucking big time. But
*this* bad...??

How come the mga-* test is so much worse than the others? Does this indicate
a bug? (Using the module in latest cvs.)

Thank you for excellent hacking.

Dag B

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