[Mplayer-users] mga vo

Brian rcallender at iprimus.net
Sun Apr 22 01:58:05 CEST 2001


just grabbed mplayer, i love it.  easily the best video plyer under

i have a problem with -vo mga or xmga, however.  i have an 8 meg g200.
when i play video using the mga driver the right side of the picture is
distorted by many horizontal lines.  is this a common problem?  why
might this be?  i have also had a similar problem using the Xv driver.

also, could someone explain (or tell me where to learn about) DGA?  i'm
running XF86 4.0.3 but i can't find anything to do with a DGA extension
on my system.  i have no clue what it is or how to enable it.

right now, i get the best overall experience using -vo x11


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