[Mplayer-users] seeking in broken avi files

BERECZ Szabolcs szabi at inf.elte.hu
Sun Apr 22 00:57:52 CEST 2001


On Sat, 21 Apr 2001, Christoph H. Lampert wrote:

> Thank you, that was just what I needed... now mplayer is perfect.
so you say fbdev works? :)
or its complaining about unsupported visual?
please run mplayer with -v and check the 'fbdev: visual:' line
and tell me if it's not 4

> Well, almost... I don't think you can speed up this function a little. Say,
> by a factor of 100? Well, just asking... :-)
I don't think :)
maybe we can write the index to the file. Arpi?

> >make: *** Warning: File `mplayer.c' has modification time in the future
> >(2001-04-21 23:46:54 > 2001-04-21 23:43:11)
> I compiled it earlier than you made the changes. That's applied physics, I
> guess.
or timetravel? :)


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